Burninating the Eva Bash!

Yesterday was Eva Bash, a fun mini-tournament that Eva of the Big Fat Flying Pigs put on to raise money for the AIDS LifeCycle ride.

There were four teams in the tourney; all local to the Bay Area: the Burninators, the Black List, the Bucktooth Angry Dolphins, and of course the Big Fat Flying Pigs.    So many people that I knew! 😀

Peter also had a game yesterday — the Team Danger game that was rescheduled from last Monday — but in a different city, so I was on my own for getting to the rink.  Bwa ha ha.



Heather passes out team bandanas before the first game…I chose a cute one with frogs all over it.  I wore it in both games and it seemed to serve me well!


Game 1: Burninators vs Black List: 2-2.

Our first game was at 4:15pm against the Black List.  I played center with Jean and Jen Schwartz.  It was my first time playing center in at least a couple of months, so I was a bit rusty….and exhausted after a couple of end-to-end runs!  Being sick for six weeks apparently takes a bit of endurance outta ya…who'd'a'thunk it?

I think I might have actually knocked over Nora in this game….whether it was me or gravity, we both went down in front of the Burninators net.  I narrowly avoided being smoooooshed and Nora laughed at me that it would be my own fault if she landed on me.  ;)

We spent the whole game being even-steven for shots on goal. I think the Black List finally eked out a couple more SOG than we had, but we finished the game tied, 2-2.  

Between-games goofing off

There were four games in the tournament; we had game 1 and game 4.  That left a couple of hours in-between the games for general mayhem.  Most of us stuck around the rink and chatted, tried to find some food, and watched NHL playoff games.

Kim (who was on the Black List and thus only had a one-game break) demonstrates the height of must-dress-quickly hockey fashion:


The Big Fat Flying Pigs team mascot and…I think the pig is actually an MP3 player:


Our locker room, complete with Trogdor and his thatched-roof cottage.  Amazingly, women's locker rooms generally don't smell that bad, even during tournaments.  Boys, don't you ever wash your gear??


The Sharks game started about 20 minutes before we had to go back to the locker room and get dressed for our second game.  That was enough time to see Joe Thornton's goal, though! Welcome to the playoffs, Joe, nice to finally see you.


Game 2: Burninators vs Bucktooth Angry Dolphins: 4-2.

Our first time beating the Dolphins! Hooray!  :D 

Playing the Dolphins is always really fun.  I know almost everyone on the team and they're good, strong players.   Luckily for me, a couple of them are even on the Drunken Pirates, my normal NCWHL team! 🙂

I played left wing for this game, with Jean on right wing and Becky on center.  Becky is all kinds of awesome to play with; she can play any position quickly, smartly, and damn well.  My hero!  

I had my best play of the tournament at the end of game 2; Becky brought it into the zone and passed to me; I deked around a defenseman then brought the puck way over to the righthand side of the net to get around the other D.  I had a wide open backhand shot, which the goalie was able to get, but it was a de
cent shot on goal, at least!

Liz commented after the game that she saw our line doing some nice things; hopefully that means we'll play together again.  That was a fun line.  

After-game revelries.

After our game, everyone got dressed and reconvened in the sports bar for raffles, food, and Sharks-watching.


Lots of cool raffle prizes — I won an iPhone cover. 🙂


Andrea wasn't sure what to make of winning a funny beefcake guys-in-funny-drag calendar….


Jennie and Graham scored the women's golf clubs:


Sharon's going to have to take up scrapbooking now…we expect a beautiful montage of our next Burninators game!!


Fortunately Tracy's new purse matches her Dolphins orange tracksuit.  Whew.


Liz and Cara hang out and represent our team during the raffle:


We all hung out until Marleau's game winning goal in overtime, when the entire bar went totally batshit and yelling and screaming and cheering.  Sharks in 7! 😉

A great mini-tournament for a great cause with great people.  Thanks, Eva, and everyone else! 
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