No Maroon for me this season

Well, Maroon evals are over and I didn't make it.  I'm allowing myself today to be pissed and disappointed about it and starting tomorrow, I'll be excited for the next Red season.

I think I could have made it if it hadn't been for the lung infection.  Everyone that saw me at evals said I looked really terrible (health-wise, not skills-wise) on Friday in particular, and that clearly counted against me.  Doh.  The feedback was that it didn't look like I could hang with Maroon skaters in the scrimmage: the same people that I've subbed with and have played with/against in tournaments with no trouble.  

I'm not one for excuses, but I really do think this was the lungs and not my general conditioning.  

I'm still glad that I tried out, if for no other reason than that the drills will be fresh in my mind for next season's evals.

At any rate, April got some good pics at yesterday's scrimmage during the evals.  I'm in the black jersey and white socks.




And this great series of my steal from Marci….




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