Weekend hockey update

Burninating the peasants.

Saturday afternoon found the Burninators and the Dolphins invading Ice Oasis for a pre-Vegas scrimmage.

It wasn't a very good game, scorewise — well, not for us, anyway! The Dolphins dolphinated us 4-2.  But it was a lot of fun and I got to skate with people that I never have before.

I played D with Andrea and we did pretty well.  Only one goal happened during our shift and it was a pretty one by Tracy.  She did a nice wraparound and got it past both of us.  I should have taken an extra step to get farther between her and the goal — lesson learned!

My very first Burninator showing:


Overall, I think a lot of people on the team were disappointed with the scrimmage, but I believe a lot of that had to do with it being essentially a brand new team. A lot of the "normal" Burninators are out of the Vegas tournament (hence my inclusion) and none of us newbies had played together before. 

Puck Ewes vs Puck Bunnies: 1-1

Last night, we had an NCWHL game against the Puck Bunnies, which we tied 1-1. 

I joked that at least I wasn't on the ice when the goal against was scored….but I wasn't on the ice because I was in the penalty box.  Oops. 

It was an overall fun game, though it felt really slow compared to the Burninator scrimmage.  Being at Belmont didn't help that feeling — we've played at Fremont almost exclusively lately and Belmont felt like such a little pond rink!

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