San Jose Burninators vs Houston Harpies: 1-0

We're the 2009 Las Vegas Women's Hockey Classic Wynn Division

Today's game was awesome. I think it was the best game I've ever
played. I skated hard to the puck, fought hard in the corners, made
smart passes, got some good pokes in. This game gave me a little
glimpse of "what could be" if I keep working and practicing. Me like.

Overall, our team did awesome. Everyone had at least one great moment
and the win reflected that. Their goalie was doing really well (in
fact, she won the division all-tournament goalie award) so our low score
wasn't from lack of effort by our forwards!

The Harpies were really a fun team to play — aggressive without being
rough, poised, and overall cheerful. I was talking to one of them after
the game and she said their team is made up of skaters from all over the
country: Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Massachusetts, etc. They gel
together really well for only seeing each other at tournaments!

Many photos and some overall tournament commentary to come. 🙂

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