San Jose Burninators vs Houston Harpies: 2-1

The first game of the tournament and our first win!

Andrea and I played a good line together. We were on the ice for the
opposing goal…which was a crazy weird deflection off of our own
center's stick. Oops!

I had one good pass right up to Jodi's tape while she was skating up
ice, and one good cross-ice pass to Viv. I had lots of almost good
passes to Viv, but I need to angle the pass off the boards more (I'm
left D and she's left wing). As it was, I was passing past her and icing
it more often than not. But I think we'll get that down for the next

We're staying at the Staybridge Suites off the strip, and it rocks! The
rooms (suites) are huge, with full kitchens, huge bathrooms, etc. I'll
definitely be staying there on future motorcycle trips.

Viv, Jena, and I are now off to the store for beer and hot pockets.
Livin' it up in Vegas!

Next game is tomorrow, 11:30am.

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