Off to the doctor

The Beemer went off to Ted Porter's Beemer Shop this morning.  


I hate seeing the bike in the truck.  Boo.  But, with work and hockey the way they are lately — not to mention three other motorcycles that need some sort of attention — I just didn't have the time or inclination to dig apart the bike.

I'd heard good things about Ted Porter's from the internet (plus my friend Miriam stopped there on her cross-country trip a couple of years ago), so we made the 40-mile trek down to Scotts Valley to drop off the Beemer.

The shop guy agreed that the stalactites were "pretty nasty" and also that this wasn't condensation.  

His guess was the head gasket, especially after seeing this:


The mechanic is supposed to give me a call within the week, so I'll get the official diagnosis then.

In the meantime, Colleen came over today and we disassembled her KLR forks to clean them out, plus replaced the fork oil.  I also replaced the fuel petcock on Peter's DRZ, so I did get some mechanic work in to make me feel a little less lazy for bringing the Beemer into a shop.

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