First trip to Metcalf with the CRF

Our day trip to Metcalf wound up being a bit shorter than we'd expected after a dead battery in the DRZ took an hour to rectify.  Grrr. 

Even after our best efforts at resuscitation, the DRZ lived only briefly at the park before the battery puked out again, so Peter and I just took turns taking the CRF80F around Trail 1.

If there's something funnier than a 6'4" man on an 80cc dirtbike, I don't know what it is.


I, of course, look much more suave.


We used our new GoPro Motorsports Hero Wide camera to take some photos and video of Track 1.  

You can see the GoPro mounted to the numberplate of the CRF in the pictures above; I also took some shots with the camera mounted on top of my helmet.

The first hill of Trail 1:


Some parts of the trail were a little muddy from yesterday's rain.  This was MUCH more fun on an 80cc dirtbike weighing 160lbs than on my dualsports.  Who knew that sliding could be fun?


I liked the color and shadow in this picture.  You can see the GoPro mounted on top of my helmet in the shadow.


And finally, Peter welcomes me back to the pit. 🙂


The GoPro camera really looks like it's going to be fun.  It mounts quickly and easily and doesn't need an external camcorder (it stores pics and video on an SD card).  

We took over 100 videos and photos while we were at Metcalf and the batteries were still going.  We use rechargeables and just charge the batteries after every use of the camera.

Here's a movie of Trail 1.  Hopefully it works since I don't think I've tried adding a movie to this site before.  Eep, technology!

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6 Responses to First trip to Metcalf with the CRF

  1. Jamie C. says:

    Interesting video. You’re going to have a lot of fun “crashing around” on that bike.
    As for the embedding…
    Worked on IE.
    Didn’t work on Firefox (just a big QT logo pic)
    Opera: “The requested URL /motorcycle/2009/01/ was not found on this server.” (But then, I’ve been having problems with QT on Opera.)

  2. carolyn says:

    Works on Safari too. Unfortunately, no one pays me anymore to write cross-functional code so, sorry Firefox and Opera users.

  3. Keryna says:

    Awesome! You are inspiring me… I went and sat on a lil 90cc dirtbike yesterday.
    Nice to hear a review of the GoPro. My bf wants one, I was looking at one of those Flip Minos myself. I switched over to Safari so I could watch it. No sound?

  4. Mike says:

    Wow, the GoPro totally blows away the video quality of the Oregon Scientific cam I bought. Even on my bicycle, the vibrations completely render it almost unwatchable. I had read a lot of good things about the GoPro cameras, now I can see that they were true. Did the video mounted on the number plate come out as clean (vibration free)?

  5. Andy H says:

    The Go Pro looks great (wfm on Firefox 3 on OS X)

  6. Andy H says:

    Doh! Posting *before* coffee… sorry works fine on Safari.

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