Holiday Tournament Championship Game!

Oops, I forgot to blog about yesterday's games.

First, we played A2 at 4pm.  We won, 2-1, hooray! I don't really remember many specifics about that game.  It was more of the same for me — I had a couple of good shots, a couple of good dekes, a couple of good pokes, but nothing that the Sharks scouts will draft me for. 😉

The championship game was at 7:45pm and we wound up playing A2 again.  

A2 was Team Filson — four of their skaters are family members — and Glenn is definitely their best skater.  He'd let me skate right up to him and then, as soon as he thought I was getting too close to their goal, he'd BOOP and poke the puck away from me like a knife cuts through butter.  :D  

There was one move that I was really proud of during the championship game — I've been working on receiving passes from the D while I'm skating forward.  I saw our D had the puck, I called for it then turned and skated away from him with my stick perpendicular to my body on the very forehand side.  He put the pass right on the tape, I lifted the stick up and back over the puck to pick it up and keep skating forward.  EXACTLY what I'd been practicing!  Yay!

We finished the regulation game 2-2 and went to shootout.

Again it was the World's Longest Shootout as over 10 skaters from each team shot (I went 6th or 7th, I think) before Rex finally got a goal against Raf.  So A2 won the tournament, 3-2.

It was a great tournament as always and I had a ton of fun.  :)
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