Puck Ewes vs R5: 1-0

Despite R5 being, frankly, the better team, the Puck Ewes emerged victorious tonight, 1-0.  A lot of that (OK, probably all of it) was due to Tracy's fantastic goaltending.   Thank you, Tracy!

I played left wing tonight and spent the majority of the game feeling as though it was my first game ever and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing.  But hey, that's how ya learn, right?

Speaking of learning, the best part of the game was afterwards when I ran into Felicia in the bar above the rink.  Armed with my captain's whiteboard and my stick, Felicia proceeded to spend over an hour going over pretty much every part of hockey with me.  Wing, center, and defense positioning.  Wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot.  Face-offs.  Banking a pass off the boards.  It was awesome.  Now I only hope that I remember even a smidgen of all of the information that she gave me…

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