Blogging is hard.

Well, huh, I said I’d blog every day and that lasted what, 2 days? I
was actually working and then having a life yesterday, though, so I say
I’m still OK.

But now I need to think of something to write today. Crap.

Let’s see, what’s going on….

I ordered new forks for the Beemer, after reading repeated accounts of
failures on the pre-2003 model forks. Paranoia? Maybe, but just the
fork lowers weren’t prohibitively expensive for me and it’ll be worth
the peace of mind. When the lowers come in, I’ll post pics and will
write more about this decision (see how I’m giving myself topics for
later in the “blog every day” month? Nice, huh?).

The DRZ needs a valve adjustment and a new seat. Peter’s been doing
quite a lot of touring on it since the Superhawk is currently down with
a bad voltage regulator; the DRZ’s stock seat isn’t as comfy as a custom
Rick Mayer. Go figure. I’m tempted to just bring the DRZ to Rick as
well; we’ve both loved all of his seats.

I think that’s about it. There’s lots of hockey this week (tomorrow,
Monday, and Tuesday), so expect a few days of hockey blather. 😉

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