Team Danger vs CPC Waves: 3-6

Last night's Team Danger game was definitely our best game yet, insofar as playing as a team and showing vague competence at the sport. 

We were up 2-0 before the ringers on the CPC Waves decided that they didn't want to lose.  We got one more goal, but the ringers came in full force and scored 6. 

It was a little frustrating; I don't mind if teams are better than us (and pretty much everyone is) but there are some arrogant ringers on their team who like to make sure that everyone knows they're playing down in a mixed-skill league.

Other than that, though, it was a really fun game and our team really played well.  Our newbie-est newbie, Richard, had great positioning and scored our first goal off assists from Peter and I.   Peter also got a great assist from Joe that led to a goal, and a nice tip-in from Ben at the blue line.  Go D!

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