Puck Ewes vs Red Menace: 1-1

We had a great, if short-handed, game against Christine's team "Red Menace" tonight.  It was 1-1 going into OT, but no one scored then either, so we ended the game a tie.

I played center with Chris W and Sheila, our two new players from the Green division.  They're a really fun line!  Though I think I played a lot better on the defensive side of center than the offensive.  I had a couple of shots on net but nothing spectacular.

I did enjoy riding the Beemer to the game….mostly to see if I could. 🙂  My gear bag weighs about 25 lbs and, since my stick is short enough to fit sideways, it worked pretty well!

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5 Responses to Puck Ewes vs Red Menace: 1-1

  1. Yvette says:

    All that equipment should be nothing compared to all the stuff you had on your cross country trip. LOL

  2. carolyn says:

    Hee, you’re right! It actually does weigh a lot less than all my cross country stuff did. 😉

  3. Henriette Thiim says:

    Hi Carolyn. Great blog. Just spend about an hour going through all your posts.
    My name is Henriette, living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    I am dreaming of a BMW F650 GS but I am quite short 5,2 feet and I didnt think this type of model was possible for me – and now I saw the pictures of you on the BMW.
    Is it all right for you?
    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip from Alaska to Argentina in 2010 and the Beemer would be just perfect for this trip.
    Take care.

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