Danger vs VMWare: 4-2

Last night was our second Team Danger game and our first win! 

We have three Danger people on the team now: me, Sally, and Don Rico.  Don's done rollerblading more recently than ice skating, so I think he'll improve really quickly once he gets more ice time.  Plus he was stuck with the dreaded loaner gear and dull rental skates, poor guy.

I set a personal record by having six different D partners in one game; I started out rotating with Ben and Matt, then Ken played with me until he was kicked off when Sally arrived, then Rex played until Darryl scored his 3rd goal, then Darryl moved back until I moved up to relieve Don at right wing.  Whew!

Overall, it was a fun game.  I practiced a few different types of poke checks, with mixed results.  I also practiced skating forward and receiving a pass from behind — something that I definitely need work on.

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