Campsite review: Yosemite Pines RV Resort, Groveland, CA

20450 Old Highway 120
Groveland, CA 95321
Phone: (209) 962-7690

NOTE: Normally I don't like "RV Resorts" but camping here has become an annual tradition for me and a few of my Women on Wheels friends.  We come up every mid-September to ride in Yosemite and have dinners in Groveland.  Frankly, I'd rather stay in one of the many Stanislaus National Forest campgrounds, but my friends don't like camping and they like the yurts and cabins at Yosemite Pines.  So, there ya go.

Directions from the Bay Area:
Follow Hwy 120 East to Groveland. Continue 1/2 mile East of Groveland on Hwy 120 and then turn right onto Old Hwy 120. Follow Old Hwy 120 for 1 mile. You will see Yosemite Pines RV Park and Campground on the left.

Directions from Yosemite National Park:
Follow Hwy 120 West for 22 miles after you leave Yosemite National Park. Turn left onto Old Hwy 120. Follow Old Hwy 120 for 1/2 mile to the Yosemite Pines RV Park and Campground on the right.

More info:

Date of visit:
September 12-14, 2008 (I go every mid-Sept)

This year the weather was very pleasant; highs in the 80s and an overnight low of about 50.

Previous years have been very chilly overnight, though — never quite freezing but definitely cold enough for a hat at night.

Campground Condition:
* There are three campsite areas; I've only ever stayed in the "A" area, so that's what my report will focus on.

* The campsites at "A" are very close together, with nothing separating individual campsites.  Bring earplugs.

* An eye mask is also a good idea if you're light sensitive; there are little lights on top of all of the RV hookup stations (one per campsite) and I've never figured out how to turn them off.  Light from the main building also gets to the campsites at night.  It's not that intrusive, but I always bring an eye mask to sleep in and then it's no problem at all.

* The campsites are very dusty in early fall, which means they're probably very muddy in winter and spring.

* Each site at "A" has a fire pit with metal grill, a picnic table, a water faucet, and an RV hookup with electricity. 

* The bathrooms are in the main building, across a small footbridge from the camping area.  There are 2 showers, a few sinks, and a few bathroom stalls.  Unlike most places I camp, the bathrooms have both soap and paper towels!  😀

* Firewood is available at the general store.  The store also has drinks (beer, soda, water, gatorade, etc), some food, some toiletries, and some automotive and fishing supplies.

* The roads inside of Yosemite Pines are gravel — it's very packed, though, and I've never seen a streetbike have a problem on it.

What to do:
Yosemite Pines itself has a bunch to do, including:
* A rec room inside the main building with a ping pong table and a TV/couches
* Swimming pool
* Playground area
* Gold panning demonstrations (schedule posted at the general store)
* Petting zoo (hours posted at the general store)

The campground is in a great riding area, too.  It's pretty much right on Hwy 120 and is very close to Highway 49.  Side roads out of Groveland go off in every direction up into the hills.

The riding is awesome for both dualsports and streetbikes. 

Yosemite National Park is 20 miles to the east.

My photos:

Campsite A-17.  You can see how close together the sites are; the blue tent behind my bike is mine and the yellow and green tents are at the neighboring campsite.


Campsite A-17, looking towards the short footbridge to the main building/bathrooms:


My girlfriends like to stay in the yurts at Yosemite Pines; each one can sleep 3 (one double bed and one bunkbed).  They have lights/electricity, a microwave and fridge, a coffeepot, and fully made beds (sheets, blankets, pillow).


A closeup of my site:


Local roads around Groveland:




And of course, Yosemite:




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