St. Carolyn’s Motorcycle Hospital

Our garage is currently an ER waiting room.  

Every bike needs something, which means that I’m passive-aggressively dealing with it by not working on any of them. 😉  

  • Needs a new battery.  Peter has one, but it’s still on the charger.
  • I need to check out the wiring to see if the VR/RR is the culprit behind needing said battery; the last one was brand new in October 2007.  


  • The tire is still flat, as it has been since arriving back home from our cross-country trip.  I have a new tube, but I need to inspect the wheel and see if a spoke is causing all the flats. 
  • Needs a complete carb clean; the idle jet is clogged and the bike won’t idle. 


  • Due for an oil change and Loc-Tite’ing of pretty much all bolts. 
  • Still making the weird metal rattling noise, even after I fixed the broken CDI bracket.  Must spelunk.
  • The odometer/speedometer acted erratic and then stopped working altogether yesterday.  Cleaning the speedo sensor on the rear wheel seems to have fixed it, but if it goes wonky again, that’ll be another thing that needs triage. 

Black XT

  • Just had its annual tune-up at the bike shop, so that’s done at least, but it needs washing and a general look-over since I haven’t personally ridden it in a few months. 
  • I bought a windscreen and bar risers, since I love them so much on the white XT, so those should make their way from the garage floor onto the bike. 

White XT

  • Still in Seattle for the time being, but it’s returning to the Bay Area in about three weeks, where it’ll need an oil change and annual tune-up.  

Then, in addition, we have two bikes alongside the house that need to go over to Fremont Cycle Salvage

in our copious free time.  

I think that’s it; hopefully writing it all down will motivate me to actually start making progress on that huge list! 
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