Photos from Key West, FL through Muskego, WI

Well, leg 2 of the trip has come to a close and now we're about to embark on the home stretch.

Notice I said "we're"…..Peter has decided to ride home to California with me!! So, for all of you who think I'm a badass for riding a single cylinder 650cc bike around the country, you now have a new hero: Peter's doing 2/3 of the country on a 400cc thumper! :) 

Anyway, here are some photos from our trip from Key West up to Wisconsin.

Peter riding up US 1 through the Florida Keys:


Launch pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center:


The bikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia:


Checking out a Civil War cemetery in Lewisburg, West Virginia:


Your intrepid adventurers, leaving Columbus, Ohio:


A very cool storm front in northern Illinois:


Flooding in southeastern Wisconsin (this is the road to my mom's house):


We should be back in California in about 10 days.  More photos then! 🙂
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