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Yikes, I haven’t updated since the dawn of time. My bad. Work was apparently not kidding when they said that my promotion in October would bring with it more work/responsibility, which has left my updating time during the week at nil.

So what’s been going on?

I donated my car to charity a couple of months ago after its transmission and cooling system went to shit; it would have cost more to repair than the car was worth. Not owning a car has been surprisingly easy. I use the Beemer to commute every day and to go anywhere else not-work when I’m alone. Peter still has the pickup truck, so lugging hockey gear around isn’t an issue (he’s our team’s coach so I wouldn’t be going to my games without him). My coworkers are convinced that I freeze to death — and, I’ll be honest, it is pretty chilly in the mornings — but Gerbing is a wonderful invention.

I fell on my head and, in a moment of temporary insanity, agreed to co-direct the Wind Dancers again next year. Diana and Karen will be co-directors and all I have to do is show up for our monthly ride….not a problem.

In probably the BESTEST news of all, my boss has verbally agreed to my 2008 vacation — a 6 week trip around the USA. Obviously many more details to follow, but the gist is:

* Leg 1: California to Key West, FL
* Leg 2: Peter meets me in Key West; we celebrate our wedding anniversary and then ride to Minocqua, WI
* Leg 3: Peter flies home; I ride from Minocqua back to California


Here’s my rough route. This trip is going to primarily be about visiting people and spending time really seeing friends and the country. I’ll do a future blog entry on my philosophy for this trip and what I hope to get out of it.


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