Shake, rattle, and roll!

Ah, the joys of living in California:

I’d never felt an earthquake ripple before. Holy adrenaline!

More info on this particular quake.

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4 Responses to Shake, rattle, and roll!

  1. Craig Goodwin - Ocean Shores says:

    Looks like your having fun now. Hang on to your seats! Craig

  2. Alan R says:

    You’re making me homesick. 😉

  3. Becky says:

    Gees! Sounds like it was a good one. The Loma Prieta quake of ’89 rippled pretty good. Hope there wasn’t any damage.

  4. Jennie says:

    It was a fun one, wasn’t it? Took me a little while to catch on, then we were watching the piano sway from my son’s doorway. (Next time, we head outdoors right away.)

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