Mean Spleens vs No Clue: 0-1

Viv and I had a very amusing “who’s on first?” IM conversation this afternoon where I would ask “what’s R1’s team name this season?” and Viv would respond “no clue”. This went on for a little bit before I caught on.


Friday night was my second game playing center and I had a great time. Thanks to the magic of Andrea’s awesome line-making, my wing pair was Kim and Steph, who were very good at compensating for my positioning deficiencies.

In fact, when I first heard the lines, I figured I was playing wing as Steph is pretty much our team’s star center. Luckily for me, though, Steph is one of those amazingly awesome people who both has great skills and no ego — she was a perfect linemate on-ice and also had great advice back on the bench.

Our team out-shot the other team by 30-something to 20-something but we just couldn’t put anything past Chris, their goalie. She’s so good. I had a couple of good tries but I don’t think I’m going to score on Chris with anything but luck until I can consistently lift the puck.

Once again my legs gave out before my lungs. While I’m glad that my V02 max is getting better and better, I’m getting a little sick of the sleepylegs. “SKATE!”, my brain will yell. “Wha?”, say my legs. I think some of it is that I’m still eating as though I’m playing defense. I need to get more calories in for playing center. Sorry, legs.

Speaking of V02 max, I’m going to measure it with my trainer tomorrow. Since I started running on the elliptical twice a week (in addition to hockey), I’ve gone up from 32 to 35, moving me from the “you are actually physically dead” category firmly into the “my 90-year-old grandmother” slot. I hope to someday aspire to “sedentary” status. Dare to dream!

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