Trying to redeem myself.

So, after my last game two weeks ago, in which my posture resembled someone attempting a hernia, I made A Special Effort to bend my knees and not be a complete tool in today’s game.

In a vain attempt to redeem myself, I present the fruits of my efforts.

Am I looking down here? Let’s pretend not.


I’m almost not reaching! There is hope!


My posture is good here; it’s too bad I’m guarding, um, nobody.


I ran out of gas during the second period but luckily caught a second wind and finished the game strong. That’s what gets me through those hour-long cardio sessions on the elliptical at the gym…I tell myself “this is helping your skating….this is helping your skating….”

Teresa gave me some great advice between the second and third periods, which of course I completely forgot as soon as I got back onto the ice. She told me that when I receive a pass back at point, I need to take a second and look up for where my opponents are. It’s good to put a shot towards the net, but if there’s a wall of opponents, I’m better off skating it up or dumping it into either corner. If I just shoot at the net from the blue line, it has too great a chance of just bouncing off someone and crossing out of the zone…dumping in the corner gets it deep. Thanks Teresa!! I’ll have to keep trying to remember that.

Skills practice tonight was pretty good but a bit macho testosterone-filled. Tom Pederson runs our skills classes, which is amazingly awesome, but I think some of the guys think that skills practice is their chance to have Tom refer them to his buddies in the NHL.

In one drill, I had taken my shot on net and was lining back up on the goal line and someone came tearing in and took a slapshot that went wide and almost took my head off. “I would stand a bit further from the net if I were you,” he said condescendingly. “I would work on my accuracy if I were you,” I said.

I practiced lifting the puck like I learned at NCWHL practice last week, with mixed success.

I continue to be incapable of doing C-cuts with my left foot. I fully expect to die of old age with “Damn, her C-cuts sucked” on my headstone.

Tomorrow, Are Too!! plays The Bloody Marys at 7:35pm at Fremont, our next-to-last game before I go on our honeymoon. Thanks to the miracle of NCWHL scheduling, I miss four games while we’re gone, and as soon as I get back into town, my team doesn’t play for three weeks. Sigh.

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