Last hockey til July :(

Today was my last hockey game until July 14. Boo! The Intardwebz claim that there is no ice rink in Cairns. Perhaps we can find one on the black market.

Anyhoo, we only had 7 skaters tonight, so we did a pickup style bench where we’d go out and play whichever position the person coming off the ice had been playing. So, instead of my usual full game of D, I played both offensive and defensive.

I think it’s been at least six months since I played wing in a game and I was surprised how quickly I picked it back up. I was probably slightly out of position — for example, I know I really erred on the side of guarding the opposing team’s point in our defensive zone. Not surprising, after months of playing D myself and getting really sick of our wings “helping”. 😉 I also caught myself doing the dreaded “wings make a better door than a window” thing by standing right in a puck-possessing D’s way alongside the boards. Ah well.

I had a couple of good posture moments, like so:


But I could tell that, overall, I was really tired from skating my ass off, and that my posture was overall much more like this:


I’m pretty sure I spent the entire game staring down at the puck. I know, because I thought about it every time I was doing it. At least I was cognizant of it, right? I choose to believe so.

Anyway, it was a fun time and a good send off to six weeks off. *sniffle*

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