R2 vs R4: 3-2

Our still-unnamed-but-leaning-towards-some-variant-of-“Are Too!” NCWHL team played a pretty tough one at Fremont last night against the still-unnamed-R4 team. Unfortunately my head was firmly planted up my own ass for the entire game and I never quite was able to remove it. Ah well, today is another day (and another game 😉 ).

I’m finding that when I get tired my gaze slowly but steadily falls down until I’m skating around staring at peoples’ skates and stick blades. This makes it incredibly easy to deke around me, making me then have to skate harder to catch the offensemen, making me more tired, lather/rinse/repeat.

In today’s Ice Oasis game, then, I’m going to focus on keeping my gaze up and watching the forward’s core to clue me in on where she’s going with the puck. No staring at skates today! *pokes self*

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