Oh look, I’m back at work.

Just a quick note to say that I made it back last night. I was immediately whisked away to dinner and then went to bed before I could update. 😉

I didn’t post much yesterday because, frankly, I was on I-5 and it was boring.

The most interesting thing that happened all day was that, outside of Benicia, I was riding behind a Miata, who was in turn behind one of those 8000 year old camper trailers that might have once been white but has turned nicotine yellow over the years. Anyway, the Miata and I were stuck behind the camper in the righthand lane because we were both waiting to take the next exit.

And then the camper exploded.

The best I can figure is that the high gusty winds caught a piece of siding and ripped it free. All I know is that suddenly a door and siding and wood shards and insulation was flying back at me.

The camper pulled over right at the exit and the Miata and I made our planned stop at a gas station. “Wow, that was exciting”, the Miata driver commented to me as we got out of/off of our respective vehicles. Neither car nor motorcycle were harmed at all; I think we both were far enough behind the camper that we just ran over some insulation and wood pieces.

So that was about it.

Trip stats:
1866 miles
33 hours moving time
0 tickets, 0 tipovers, 0 puckers, 1 exploding camper, 1 meth head encounter

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