Here’s to a longer-lived chain

I had a productive F650GS weekend, as I both replaced the chain and sprockets and installed a Scottoiler (to prevent doing the former again too terribly soon).

Doing the Scottoiler was particularly satisfying because it’s the fourth bike that we’ve put a Scottoiler on but the first installation that I did completely myself. I’m glad I didn’t know going into the work that I was going to have to remove the throttle bodies completely and drill a hole into the rubber manifold or I might have wussed out on doing the work alone.

Everything seems like it’s working perfectly, though, and all together it only took me about 3 hours from start to finish. I think it takes the longest amount of time to remove/replace all of the fairing panels…there’s always one silly little Torx screw that I forget about.

I washed the bike afterwards, too, leaving a trail of mud down the driveway. There’s still some mud caked on under the fork brace that just won’t come off. I’ll have fond rememberances of that San Simeon trip for some time, it seems!

Pretty (mostly) clean Beemer:

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