Gah, hockey hates me this weekend

I had fun at both of my games this weekend, but I really feel that I played like t3h sux0r.

I’m going through that same impatient phase that I have in every hobby, where I think I should be improving at a rate inconsistent with reality. I mean, I’ve been playing hockey for 14 months now! Shouldn’t I be ready for the Stanley cup already??? šŸ˜‰

Intellectually I know it’s unfair to compare game photos of myself with those of women who have been playing for years and years…but I still do.

I don’t get frustrated on the ice — I laugh and have fun and work my ass off. But then I look at pictures that Peter took during the game and I get so annoyed with myself that I’m bending forward or reaching with my stick instead of taking two more strides towards the puck.

I have pictures like these that aren’t so horrible:

But then two photos later, I’m staring down at the ice like so:

Or my personal favorite from last night, the knock-kneed reach and slash combo:

Gahhhhhh. Sdkjvbhsdvhervfsdhfers. Sigh. Must remember that it is not a race. It doesn’t matter if it takes me another year or three or ten to stop bending over with my knees pointed in. No one is scouting anyone. Gah.

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