Harem vs Dates: 1-0

Haven’t posted much about hockey recently, oops.

I had a great game tonight with the Harem. We had three D, so I switched off with Betsy and Stacy; normally three D is hard because you don’t have a line, but we did pretty well at taking consistent shifts.

It was a pretty intense game…not the fastest, but the pressure went on early and stayed on the whole game. There were very few whistles and only one goal, so there was really no resting on the ice at all. I’m very proud that I made it until the third period before I was too tired to even reliably make it back onto the bench. 😉

I had a couple of good D moves tonight, including poking the puck off of Deb’s stick and between her legs. I’m astronomically proud of that move because I didn’t even think about it — I just did it. I had some decent saves at the blue line, too (well, and some major screw ups 🙂 ). I even took two shots on Ben, one of which actually landed with what might have been a teensy amount of power. Our pre-game practice focused on shooting and I think I may have actually learned something.

Oh, and I did one very sad and lonely but still existent backwards crossover during the practice. Woot!

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