Femmoto 2006: Friday

Whew, what a weekend! I had a great time at Femmoto 2006, but really, how could anyone NOT have the best time evarrr?

I flew into Vegas on Friday evening after a short delay due to LAS issuing a ground stop for “too much traffic”. So we all sat on the runway for about 36 years, giving me lots of time to surf the web on my Sidekick and read all about ground stops.

I walked into the Sahara and called Becca, who answered and told me that she and Yosh were at Paco’s restaurant. I looked up and realized I was standing right at the entrance to Paco’s…so I just brought all my gear and luggage into the restaurant and walked in to find my girls! The three of us ate nachos and drank beer and giggled and joked and just had a great time.

We brought my luggage up to the hotel room and hung out until Kristina called to say she was on her way from the airport with the rental car (her flight was delayed about three hours). She picked us up at the hotel entrance and we all drove over to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where we learned that registration closed at 8pm, instead of the 9pm that we all thought it was (we arrived at 8:15, doh!). So Kristina drove us around the gravel parking lot rally-car-style for a while until we were all pretty nauseated, and we headed back to the Sahara.

When we got back to the room, Kristina had surprises for us — she’d had towels embroidered with our names and then “Girls of ST.N” and “Femmoto 2006”! Each person’s towel matched her hair or favorite color: mine is blue, Yosh’s red, Kristina’s orange, and Becca’s green (we offered to dye her hair green over the weekend, but for some reason, she declined our generous offer). Thank you again, ‘tina!

Kristina, Becca, and I were still hungry, so we wandered off to the NASCAR cafe while Yosh stayed back and took a shower. We made a quick stop at the hotel gift shop so that I could buy the tackiest boxer shorts I could find — I’d forgotten PJs and Becca wouldn’t let me sleep naked in the same bed as her. 😉 Sorry, boys!

After shopping and food, we went back to the room, goofed around a bit, and pretty much went to bed.

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