Anyone got a spare shoulder?

Gah, I rode the 15 miles to and from last night’s Women on Wheels meeting and now my shoulder is inflammed again. Well, maybe not “again”. Maybe “still”.

On Monday, the chiropractor said I should feel optimistic that on that day, only 3 of my ribs were out in addition to my collarbone and base of skull. On the previous visit, I had 4 ribs out.

For some reason, this does not make me optimistic.

I see the chiro again today. I’m going to push for an X-ray. Again.

I now have a list of shoulder specialists (thank you Susan!) and general orthopedic doctors (thank you, coworker Gary!). I see my GP on 8/28, in case I need referrals to any of them.

I’ve now tried two chiropractors, massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture. It’s time to revisit Western medicine. Sigh.

I REALLY hope this is at least partially resolved by the end of September, so Peter and I can still do our week-long desert ride together. *grump*

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3 Responses to Anyone got a spare shoulder?

  1. Geoff says:

    Sorry, but I’m down to one good shoulder, myself. Fractured my collar bone weekend-before-last in a crash. 1st one in 15-yrs of riding.

  2. patrickn says:

    This is nature’s way of telling you that you are almost thirty. Seriously though, if you have not actually injured it, it sounds like an overuse injury. Between hockey and riding, you have caused irritation and inflamation. I’d visit an MD who will tell you to give it a rest and take an anti-inflamatory like Motrin. So, plan on riding two up while it heals. That will give you something new to write about.

  3. John Radcliffe says:

    Patrickn’s suggestion of Motrin is good. I find I get shoulder pain on long trips if I let my shoulder get tense. I combat this by not letting my shoulders get cold (a big contributor to muscle tensing) by adding layers. I also use a throttle rocker (actually a clone made by Kuryakin). It takes a bit of getting used to–keep the hand off of it in the twisties. But it helps my shoulder stay relaxed on those long slab runs.
    Best of luck finding a long term solution that works for you. Hmmm…send Peter to classes on massage therapy?

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