Sphinges vs Flying Carpets: 3-5

Saturday’s hockey experience was a bit schizophrenic, as I played two wildly different games.

Peter and I subbed for the Desert Rats in the first game, which was my first time subbing ever. It was fun once I figured out what I was supposed to be doing (I think people have seen me at Ice Oasis for long enough that they assume I know what’s going on, and they forget it’s my first season actually playing).

That first game was four-on-four, at rational speed levels. The Rats are a fun team and it turned out that I knew a lot of their players, like Heather, Red, and Steph C (not to be confused with Steph D, who yes, also plays hockey, but work with me here, kids).

The Sphinges played the Flying Carpets in the second game, which was vastly different from the first game. Our game was five-on-five, and the speed was really ratcheted up a few notches. I think it was the best game our team has played together — there were a lot of really good passes and scoring opportunties. The Carpets just plain played better than we did, though, so there ya go. I’m not too upset with the loss.

I think I had three or four shots on goal, hooray! They all had the power of a dead slug, but they did go to the goalie as opposed to being eight feet wide or something. Baby steps. 😉

Oh, and I think my ass got an assist when I fell over and knocked the puck in such a way that it got to our wing, who brought it in and scored. 🙂

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