Impending dual sport ride!

Some of the guys and I are putting together a small dual-sport weekend in mid-July. I’m really psyched.

It’ll be the first time I’ve taken just the XT overnight (as opposed to the XT in the truck), and it’s slowly dawning on me that I’ll need some way to transport items.

I just ordered this rack from and will probably be heading to the local army surplus store for some sort of dry bag before too long.

Peter and I are also going to go look at a used 2002 XT225 for him this afternoon. The kickstart on the DR is proving to be more of a pain in the ass than he wants to deal with; plus, off-roading together will be more fun for us if we’re on bikes that are comparable in weight/ability. With him on the DR650S and me on the XT225, he was able to do more freeway than I want to, and I was happier on the tighter, more technical stuff that Peter likes more.

When I rule the world, everyone will have an XT. 😉

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