Hello, enthusiasm?

Tomorrow begins the 2006 ST.n West Coast Regional Meet. It’ll be my fourth one, if you count last year’s side meet in Bend, OR as a separate event.

Problem is, I can’t psych myself up to go.

I mean, yes, I’ll go. I’m sure I’ll have fun once I’m there. But I just can’t get excited about it. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t fully embraced the Z yet, or if I’m still tired from our Florida vacation, or if I’m just burned out of going to Fortuna every year…probably all of the above.

Diana was chatting with me this morning about possible routes to take up there (we’re sharing a hotel room this year), and I couldn’t even work up a smile about riding with her. One of my best moto-buddies!

I’m supposed to go get a Rick Mayer seat on Saturday…which was great until he asked if I could be there by 10am. “There” being Anderson, 160 miles east of Fortuna. Sure, speeding through deer-infested twisties at 7am. Sign me right up for that. Sigh. I told him I’d do my best. I really wanted to get the seat this weekend because they have a discount on ride-in appointments in May; that and already having the hotel room will save me over $100 on the cost of the seat.

My anxiety problems have also been through the roof this week. Shortness of breath, OCD tendencies, shaking hands, the works. Gah. Stupid brain chemistry.

I’m sure all of this is related. I probably just need to ride to Fortuna solo tomorrow and take my own pace and chill out.

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