G2 vs G1: 1-0

Woohoo, our first goal and our first win!!

Due to Mother’s Day and the Sharks home game, both teams were short a bunch of players yesterday; we wound up playing 4 on 4 at Fremont.

That means lots and lots and lots of cardio; Fremont is an NHL regulation-sized rink (200′ x 85′). Whew. Our team was mostly good about doing short shifts — we had to call for people to come off of the ice a couple of times when they’d been on for a while and were looking tired, but by the end of the game we were cycling through lines pretty well.

I totally jinxed myself earlier in the weekend by blogging that I needed more practice with 4 on 4s and with D; I wound up playing D this whole game. 🙂 I was on a line with our captain, Jennie, who gave me good advice and was very gracious when I screwed up positioning a couple of times. 😉

* Fremont: good.
* 4 on 4 at Fremont: zzzzzz.
* Playing D: jury still out. I think good.
* Jennie: good.

Hockey seems to be feast or famine…I had a practice and two games within three days, and now I have nothing until Saturday 5/27.

Foreseeable future hockey schedule:
Sat, 5/27: Ice Oasis: Sphinx vs Pharoahs, 9:30pm

Sun, 6/4: NCWHL G2 vs G3, Fremont, 4pm (I may not make this one, though, if I don’t get back from the Wind Dancers Reno ride in time)

Fri, 6/9: NCWHL practice, Fremont, 9:15pm

Sat, 6/10: Ice Oasis: Sphinx vs Coconuts, 8:15pm

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3 Responses to G2 vs G1: 1-0

  1. Kim says:

    Woo! See, I can cheer, since I couldn’t be there to let that goal in. 😉 Meanwhile, the Saturn service guy on the phone today seemed relatively confident my car will not cost any limbs or IOUs on future offspring to repair tomorrow, so that’s a relief.
    Are you skipping this Saturday’s 7pm Sphinx game for the Bean Party? I admit I was planning to leave the party for the game (but may return afterwards).

  2. carolyn says:

    I have to skip both the game and the bean party…I’ll be up north for the annual Sport-Touring.net West Coast Regional Meet. Woo Z riding!

  3. Alan R says:

    Nicely done. You did better than the Sharks.

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