Everything I know about skating…

….I learned from dualsporting. 😉

So far skating class has been going really well. I’m doing great with forward skating, two-foot glides, one-foot glides, snowplow stopping, forward swizzles, and even a little bit of hockey stops.

Forward skating is just like riding the XT225. Knees bent, head up, stay loose, and don’t worry about what the terrain is doing. Shoulders above the ankles. Trust your edges like you’d trust your tires.

The posture is even similar:



(Yes, I realize I’m not on ice there. I’m just trying to illustrate a point here, people! Work with me!)

Backward skating is still alluding me a little bit. There’s just no riding simile for that (if you’re riding backwards, something has Gone Horribly Wrong). I managed to do one backwards swizzle at skating class last night; I’m going to public skate tonight to keep practicing.

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4 Responses to Everything I know about skating…

  1. andrea says:

    so how did the skates feel?

  2. carolyn says:

    Not bad! My feet were still a bit crampy after 20 minutes or so, but it wasn’t excrutiating, so I think now it’s just the skates breaking in. *fingers crossed*

  3. Philip says:

    If your feet still feel cramped, try wearing thinner socks. I used to feel excruciating pain in my feet while wearing my skates until I switched to thin CoolMax sock liners.

  4. You’re absolutely right regarding the similar posture.
    There is also another similar point to highlight: I used to play ice hockey in France, and Pete Laliberté, my coach, always told me “Look exactly where you want your puck to go. If you don’t look in the targetted direction, the puck won’t go at all…”. It’s the same when you ride: where you look is where you go. If you look straight ahead, you’ll go straight ahead.
    Have fun, and drive safely !

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