My midgetcycle is back, thanks to the awesome people at Aftershocks.

I don’t have any photos yet, since I’m still sitting on the couch drinking coffee in my PJs, but I’ll take some this afternoon.

It felt strange to ride home at first — even though intellectually, I knew that the handling hadn’t changed at all (lowering doesn’t affect the steering geometry), psychologically, it felt different. It was very strange to feel the ball of my foot on the ground at stoplights — I’d gotten used to tiptoeing the Z after just 1100 miles.

Instead of going straight home, I went past our house and took a little ride to Stevens Creek Reservoir — there are a half-dozen or so 50mphish sweepers on that route. I went a little slower since it was dusk (deer time) but was still able to convince myself that the handling was still good. The only funny thing was that I felt lower to the ground, so every time I leaned over, I freaked out, thinking that I was going to scrape something, freak out more, and lowside. Meta-freaking! Of course, I probably wasn’t even close to scraping — another little psychological trick there, I guess.

I think I’ll head out soon and do a short ride through the lower foothills to, y’know, further explore this new suspension. I learned my lesson a few weeks ago about going to the summit — too much moss on the upper roads — so this ride’ll be short and sweet. Then it’s off to the dealer to get a new battery for the XT.

Hooray for midgetcycle!

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