Z750S pics

Yes, I know that I lean with my ass and not my shoulders. Viv already had The Discussion with me about that. Ignore the crazy monkey posture.

(thanks for the photos, V! Qapla’!)

Damn. This might be inevitable.

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  1. blalor says:

    So this apparently is *not* the same thing as the much-maligned ZR-7? You would really go to an I-4 from the v-twin?! 🙂

  2. carolyn says:

    Yeah, it’s funny, Yosh (an I-4 girl) was drooling over the Tuono (a twin), and I (a twin girl) was drooling over the Z (an I-4). *grins*
    The Z is really smooth. I mean, *really*. And it wasn’t whiny at all like some of the other fours I’ve ridden. I mean, the 954, for example, has a wonderful sound that Peter likened to a Swiss watch, but it’s still that inline-four high pitched whine…the Z was just…not whiny. I liked that.
    Plus, adjustable brake AND clutch lever! My forearms sing the praises!

  3. Geoff says:

    Have you already decided on the color? 🙂

  4. carolyn says:

    I do like the blue, but fear that’s just too obvious. If only they had a deep red….

  5. Kipio says:

    The Z750S and the ZR-7S are definitely NOT the same bike, although the Z750S is the sort of descendant of the ZR-7S. I think some of the confusion comes from Kawa’s naming conventions: I think they may have called the ZR-7S the Z750S in Europe, or it was their “internal” name or something like that. I believe my repair manual for my ZR-7S even says Z750.
    Yes, it is true, my primary street bike is a ZR-7S. This maligned bike isn’t as bad as you’d think. It is underpowered, and the engine is buzzy. But it is pretty fun to ride, very cheap, and the engine buzziness improves a lot with time (and seemingly by opening up the intake/exhaust.) The stock suspension just plain sucks, though. Anyway, I took it on the track recently and it was a ton of fun although it did illustrate that there are better bikes for the track. Honestly the biggest problem with it as a twisties/track bike is its low foot pegs.
    But, the Z750S is supposed to be a very different bike. If nothing else, it has a much more powerful engine than the ZR-7S’ Zephyr derived powerplant.

  6. Jamie C. says:

    A Kawasaki in your future? Welcome to the Dark Side! Bwahahahaha!
    Seriously, I love my Kaw, and would love to buy a new Voyager if they ever get around to re-releasing it. Maybe I’ll give the Concours another look-see.
    Kawasaki has a great engineering department, and a crappy marketing department. (Exactly the opposite of H— naw, forget it; too easy.) But that’s fine by me, as I buy a bike once, and ride it a lot. Maintenance? I probably should change the oil; I can’t remember when I did that last. And I’ll probably give the chain a squirt of lube this month. The bike is rock solid, even if my PM schedule isn’t.

  7. Linda says:

    I would like to congratulate on the possible birth of your new baby motocycle. 😉
    Linda, with severe bike lust after watching Griz ride away on his new-to-him Suzuki (and sitting on it…of course 😉

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