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Yet another Z pic

Photo © Alfonse Palaima, Thanks for the awesome pic, fonzie! *swoon* I turn down the man’s Red Tail Ale and he still sends me great motorcycle pictures. That’s class, there. (why’d I turn down beer? Long story. But rest … Continue reading

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Z750S pics

Yes, I know that I lean with my ass and not my shoulders. Viv already had The Discussion with me about that. Ignore the crazy monkey posture. (thanks for the photos, V! Qapla’!) Damn. This might be inevitable.

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Severe bike lust.

Stupid Femmoto. Me WANT. I will have to put some thought into this. When I rode the Z750S, it fit exactly like I’ve wanted the SVS to fit all these years. Hummmmm.

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Why aren’t there more women in motorcycling?

Because I am too lazy to come up with original content this morning, I’m going to reprint a post I made last night to the Motorcycle-USA forums. The thread began by talking about the Femmoto track day and eventually, someone … Continue reading

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Doomed flight #160

Viv mowing down the pizza on doomed flight #160, heading back home to Sillycon Valley after our girl-filled Vegas pahtay weekend. Zzzzzz.

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