I think I’d better stick to motorcycling…

Today was our non-riding day off in Lake Louise, so five of us decided
to take an ATV tour around Yoho National Park.

I learned that ATVing is fun but that I am spectacularly bad at it. For
some reason, I couldn’t stop panicking that I was about to tip over
sideways and wound up with a death grip on the bars whenever there were
ruts that put me off-center horizontally. Huh.

I had tremendous fun on the bumps and tree roots and through the mud
puddles, though. Wheeee!!

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3 Responses to I think I’d better stick to motorcycling…

  1. Linda says:

    Practice more. 😉

  2. Jamie C. says:

    It is very different, and yes, the sideways pitching does take a lot of getting used to.
    However, the old 3 wheel ATVs were worse… it WAS easy to dump those!

  3. You will scrape your pegs but are afraid to tip over an ATV? Those things are bottom heavy, they don’t tip unless you are WAY over.

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