Smooth move

So, the various bruises from Saturday’s dirtbiking were obviously not enough to make me look like an utter klutz — I decided it would be fun yesterday to smash my finger in between a 25-lb dumbbell and the rack. Ow.

The weird thing is that it doesn’t really hurt all that much; it’s just swollen and red. There’s a little bit of purple, but since it’s the middle knuckle of my pinkie, there ain’t a lot of room in there for broken blood vessels.

So now I have this dorky looking splint. Whee!

The good news is that I can bend my finger just fine, so there shouldn’t be a problem with this weekend’s Paso Robles ride. I swear, it’s a miracle I can feed and dress myself without injury.

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  1. You would be surprised how hard your pinkie works everyday. I think it is one of the most underated of the fingers and toes. I smashed mine in a rugby game and it was fine all day until I needed to clutch through the city at rush hour. Yowza!

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