Anyone want a 1986 VF700F?

So, for reasons that will become apparent, we need to get rid of the VF. Anyone interested?

1986 Honda VF700F Interceptor
38,303 miles

Engine, cooling system, carburetors, battery are all good, as far as I know.

Known badness:
– Fried wiring harness
– fuel pump is potentially dead
– plastic has been cut up (by previous owner) and isn’t aging particularly well
– fork seals need replacement
– needs new tires
– general dust/grime/yuck from sitting for 3 years

Extra parts that will come with the bike:
– wiring harness
– stock fuel pump (we took it off to get the bike running — potentially dead)
– fuel pump relay (potentially dead)
– 2 oil filters
– 2 carb boots
– 4 carb boot clamps
– 2 cylinder gaskets (I think they’re the valve cover gaskets)
– flange bolts from an unknown source
– clutch pushrod
– clutch spring
– Barnett clutch plates (friction and plain)
– Cylmers service manual

It’d make a good project bike, or maybe a decent parts bike.

Here are a few pictures, from better times:
October ’98, when Peter bought it
August ’99
January ’01

I’ll get a recent picture — sad as it is — once it stops frickin’ raining and I can get a better background than the inside of our garage.

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