1-5 and Hwy 165

Peter and I are at our first gas stop, just off of I-5. We took Hwy 152 over Pacheco Pass, which is rumored to be haunted — people report great discomfort and unease while crossing the pass. I can verify discomfort, but I think ours was more related to slow 18-wheelers and driving due east in the morning than to ghosts and spirits.

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  1. sam says:

    I just drove over Pacheco Pass this evening, and even remembered the talk of ghosts. The only discomfort I had was my contacts drying out. I think when people say “haunted” they mean “There were a lot of headlights and I got disoriented” or “I was zoned out (ie, asleep) and driving was a lot of fun.”

  2. Ray says:

    I too felt a little strange driving through the pacheco pass,not the sense of fear but sort of uneasiness and unexplained fear. Then after the trip I researched the reason and found about the hauntings.. I was driving alone and had a feeling of travelling back in time.. Also did some some pickups parked across the way.but didnt see any drivers !!..
    Anywayz was fun driving there

  3. Bruyere says:

    I was slightly discomforted while driving through Pacheco Pass. Scratch that-I was terrified. I felt trapped,and like the other drivers were out to get me. I, too saw a strange site:a truck on the side of the road. I was traveling across the states with my friend whom was driving. It seemed abandoned and when I looked back it wasn’t there! My friend seemed in shock too. “Avez-vous vu cela?(Did you see that?)” She asked. I nodded. We quickly got out of Pacheco Pass after that encounter!

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