Wind Dancers ’04 Awards Party

Yesterday was the Wind Dancers’ 2004 Awards Party.

the serow takes to the freeway.
I waffled for a bit over which bike to take — I wanted to ride the Serow, but I’d never been to the lunch location, and the SVS has the GPS mount on it. In the end, I printed out directions, stuck them in my tankbag map pouch, and took the Serow.

An amusing side note: the Serow’s tank is, in fact, metal, and will thus accommodate a magnetic tank bag. My bag, however, is about twice the width of the Serow’s tank, and even with the strong magnets, it started listing to the side on Highway 85. So here I am, riding down the freeway, my right hand holding the throttle at WFO, my left arm draped over the tank bag to keep it on the damn bike. Ha ha.

I learned that either (a) the Serow’s speedometer is inaccurate, (b) people on 85 drive really fast, or (c) all of the above. I had the throttle pinned open, the speedo indicating 80mph, and people were still passing me. Hrm.

For those who’re wondering: I had no problem on the freeway at all (other than the tankbag yearning to be freeeeeee). I upshift to 6th (top) gear at about 50mph, and that took me all the way to 80mph. I maxed out at — indicated — 82mph on a slightly downhill section. 😉

The weirdest thing about riding at that speed was the knobby tires on the rain grooves. Holy wiggling front end, Batman!

the pah-tay.
I announced my arrival at the party by accidentally hitting the horn when I meant to turn off my turn signal. Can’t take me anywhere.

The party itself was really fun. Diana did a great job of hosting us, and I think her boyfriend Fred will only need minor therapy after listening to all of us for a couple of hours.

I ended up with the first place award from the Two Sisters Memorial Enduro, which thrilled me to death. I had such a great time on that ride. It’s exactly my style of riding — lots of fun roads, riding alone, lots of photo opportunities. *happysigh*

I also won the fourth place mileage award for 2004, with 13,881 miles. Leslie whopped all of us with 17,000-something miles; Steph was right behind her, Jodie right behind Steph, and me right behind Jodie. 🙂

I’m happy with my mileage standing, as I did end up just squeaking by with more miles than last year. I can come in 800th place, as far as I care, as long as I beat my own personal best. 😉

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2 Responses to Wind Dancers ’04 Awards Party

  1. Stephanie says:

    You know when I first got the Legend it came with the worlds tiniest tank bag. For some reason the 6 cubic mm thing came with wings. I’m betting now it was actually for a duel sport where you might have to have it cemented that well. I think David has the bag now, but I recall it was Nelson Rigg, and good if you don’t mind not bringing anything.
    The Serow sure looked pretty though.
    And why do you need GPS? You just won an Enduro…

  2. carolyn says:

    My tankbag has wings too — I think that’s the only reason it didn’t come flying off the bike instantly. 😀
    Now now, winning the enduro just means that I can read a map when given clear and concise directions (and that I ride at pretty much exactly Gwen’s pace…which I already knew). 😉 Doesn’t mean I can even find my way out of my neighborhood on the fly! 😉

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