Speaking of the ocean

Today was the Wind Dancers January End of the Month Putt. We ended up with a really nice turnout — Karen, June, Kathleen, Barb, Laura, Sandy, Brenda, Linda, Bonnie, and myself. Bonnie drove to the meeting point and Linda had to bow out after coffee to prepare for her upcoming trip to England, so there ended up being eight of us riding.

We waffled about where to go until finally Elizabeth exclaimed “I want to go to the ocean!”, which suited me just fine, as it seemed to fit my theme of the week. 😉

Anyhoo, we all caravaned from Fremont over to Cameron’s in Half Moon Bay (Linda, you’ve been there, right? It’s all, like, British and stuff). The downside to Cameron’s, of course, is that it’s a pub and I always seem to end up there while riding (the notable exception being the boozefest the night before Ben and Laura’s wedding).

The bikes in front of Cameron’s

After lunch, the group decided to retrace our steps back over Hwy 92 to 280 to go home. I was sitting next to Laura, and we decided, heck no, we weren’t done riding yet. After a few false starts, during which we demonstrated that even with the Pacific Ocean in plain view, we have absolutely no direction sense, Laura and I continued south on Highway 1.

We stopped a few times: twice for pictures, once for gas. Mostly we just rode, keeping a good pace on the surprisingly light-trafficked road.

Pescadero beach

Laura riding along Hwy 1

As you can tell, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect riding day. Crystal-clear along the coast, temperatures around 60F. Fifty miles of sun and curvies later, we ended up in Santa Cruz and on Highway 17 towards home.

Route map: Fremont to Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz to Cupertino

I love California.

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6 Responses to Speaking of the ocean

  1. Jamie says:

    I was planning to make the Putt this month, but I was called into work for Saturday morning. Darn… I would have loved to go on a real ride. Not a day to be stuck in a small windowless room for several hours trying to repair the damage from a system crash the day before.
    Still, I managed to get about 40 miles under the saddle between getting home and sunset.
    We’re supposed to have a couple more days like this…
    I love California, too.

  2. Linda says:

    I got a real rush saying goodbye to you, and you have no idea how tempted I was to just get right back on the freeway and come along anyway.
    There were nine of you, actually 😉
    But I made the right decision; I’m only just feeling I am ready to go, and it’s ten o’clock on Sunday night.
    There is more riding in my future…for now, I get to fly. 🙂
    It was the first time I’d made it to a putt. Please don’t go to the windmills without me though… 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    No, I’ve never been to Cameron’s…just past it. One day. 🙂

  4. Laura says:

    Carolyn, damn decent of you to take half the blame for that false start but you know it was all my fault! Where are the photos of the kite surfers? And BTW, until I get that new bike, I don’t think I’ll be doing 17 with you. We were lucky that motorcycle cop was on the other side of the freeway. 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    P.S. I think those saddlebags make my ass look fat(ter)… 🙂

  6. carolyn says:

    Saddlebags make everyone’s ass look fatter. They’re the great equalizer!
    Heh, I didn’t even notice a cop on 17….*innocent* I was wondering if you were scraping up the road — I should have gone behind you to get photos of sparks….*grins*
    Linda: oh, I love the windmills. There will always be a Patterson Pass ride in my future. *happysigh*

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