It’s not an addiction…

…I can stop any time….it’s just a fun, y’know’, social thing….

This Serow is a disease. A disease, I tell you!

I’m working at home today, as I thought it might be fun to have the double whammy of both (a) a congestion headache and sore throat and (b) a tweaked-out nerve in my shoulder again. Advil Cold & Sinus is working on (a), while the chiropractor will hopefully fix (b) at 2:30.

In the meantime, I’m sloooowwwwllllly building my service on my home laptop and surfing the web for dirtbike sites and more places to ride. One of my buddies just got a ’92 KLR 650, and is tempting me with promises of “many goat trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains”.

This sore throat business better not last into the weekend — I’ve got trails to blaze! 😀

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