might be down this weekend

The server that’s been hosting,, is being shut down this weekend after 16 years of service to the community. Many, many, many thank yous to Ceej, David, Andy, and all the rest of the folks who kept our sites running for so long.

I’m backing up onto my laptop right now, so that I can later burn it onto DVDs.

The “motorcycles” directory is, not terribly surprisingly, huge. Filenames are streaming past me in the terminal window…sort of like the last five years flashing before my eyes.

110701.html 100% 6123 95.6KB/s 00:00
112701.html 100% 2696 75.9KB/s 00:00
111801.html 100% 9470 92.8KB/s 00:00
jgoodman2_sidebar.jpg 100% 17KB 180.5KB/s 00:00
111301.html 100% 919 30.4KB/s 00:00
jgoodman2.jpg 100% 95KB 391.6KB/s 00:00
4531-silly_string.JPG 100% 262KB 483.1KB/s 00:00
2640-bumps_and_Cracks.JPG 100% 278KB 476.3KB/s 00:00
2638-slide_area.JPG 100% 171KB 463.3KB/s 00:00
2649-cracked_pavement.JPG 100% 251KB 476.4KB/s 00:00
2643-gravel_patches.JPG 100% 199KB 454.2KB/s 00:00

Just in that slurp alone, we have:
– Journal entries from November 2001
– Memories of Jerry Goodman, Short Biker List member, who died in 11/01
– A picture from in front of Peter’s old house, after someone decided to silly string my bike when it was parked out front overnight
– The photos I took of Page Mill Road in November 2002, and emailed to the city to try to convince them to repave (they have since)

A strange feeling, to watch one’s memories stream past as filenames on one’s website.

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