More ice photos

Yeah, yeah, I know, there’s no bike content. But hey, I’m the one outside in 5 degree weather shooting pictures, and I pay for the web hosting, so you’ll like those pictures of icy trees, dammit. 🙂 (click on ’em to make ’em bigger)





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  1. barbara says:

    just catching up – and now I simply must ask – whereabouts in Columbus does Peter’s family live? East side? West side? North end? South end?
    I grew up in the Bottoms – let’s see if he can tell you where that is – ::grins::
    my aunt is currently living in Springfield and has been telling me of the terrible outages in the Columbus area.
    glad you got to enjoy the snow – we have quite a bit, too, and temps a bit lower – if you wanna come share. heh

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