Spring Fever

I have my annual Spring Fever. It happens every year around this time — I look around at my life and my living space and my job and want to hop on the bike and go anywhere else. Last year, of course, I went to the desert; this year, I have to wait until June’s Alaska trip.

It has to have something to do with the weather — there’s no concept of spring here. You go to bed one night after a rainy 55-degree day; you wake up, and it’s sunny and 80 degrees for the next eight months. So summer — and therefore, long weekend days of trips and curvy roads — seems so far off until BAM! suddenly it’s right upon you.

I don’t know if it’s better or worse that the bike is still in the shop during this first week of pseudo-spring. Naturally, I’m going a little stir-crazy driving my car when it’s so nice out…but on the other hand, it may make me more nuts to be only commuting. A little taste of heaven, as it were, with no promise of more.

So why am I driving, instead of taking one of the myriad other motorcycles? Spring fever makes me somewhat anxious as well as restless, and I get nervous when thinking about the Superhawk’s lurching clutch. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s easier to take the lazy road and just drive until the SVS is back.

Steph’s most recent blog entry talks about her realization that Alaska Is Happening. The same thought occurred to me recently, too, though for me trips never really become “real” until about two days in. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sort of ride along and then look around one day and think “hey! How’d I get here? This isn’t where I live!” and freak out a little. I think it’s a remnant from my panic attack days, when I couldn’t be in a car for more than 20 minutes, because it meant I was going “too far away from home”. If the odd twinge of “eek!” is all I have left from that, I’ll happily welcome that “eek”. It’s an odd thought for me that nine years ago, I couldn’t leave the house, and now here I am planning a trip to Alaska. *ponder*

OK, I’m back from my little journey to Stream of Consciousness Land.

Summary: Spring makes me into a bit of a fruitbat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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