I am a total asshat.

I just made a panicked call to Redwood City Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki/HTM/blah/blah.

When I dropped off the SVS on Saturday morning, I completely forgot to warn them about the eGuard monitor that I have on the bike (here’s the installation writeup again for Peter’s benefit, since he seems unable to find my writeups recently…).

The eGuard system is pretty neat: when your battery is unhealthy, or your charging system isn’t working, it gives out a fairly piercing series of beeps and boops to let you know. This is useful when you didn’t already know that your electrical system was horking. It’s….less useful….when you’re actively trying to troubleshoot the charging system. There’s no switch to turn it off, so when the bike’s on for testing, the eGuard screams at you every 60 seconds. Nonstop. It makes you want to die. And I forgot to warn the mechanics.

This occurred to me around 6pm on Saturday night — fortunately, I’d already talked to the mechanic and knew that they hadn’t gotten to the SVS that day. Unfortunately, they’re closed Sunday and Monday, so I had to wait until this morning to call them and confess that I had the World’s Most Annoying Motorcycle.

The guy was, all things considered, fairly calm about the whole thing. I told him where to disconnect it (the rear ignition coil), and that he should absolutely feel free to just cut it off if it started making him batshit. He assured me that, really, it’d be fine and that he could work through the noise.

I’ll bet twenty bucks that the eGuard’ll be cut off when I get the bike back, along with Armor All on my seat, or whatever the mechanic equivalent is of spitting in my food.

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  1. Jamie C. says:

    Ugh; ArmorAll on the seat. Could be worse; he could ArmorAll your tires, and make you ride slowly for the next hundred miles.
    My first – and unfortunately not my last – run-in with ArmorAll came right after I returned from being on leave. (US Army… was that twenty years ago already?) I had let my boyfriend use my bike (Suzuki TS-185; 2-stroke “enduro”) the week I was gone, and I came back to find that he had cleaned the bike for me.
    Anything that was metal was waxed; anything that even remotely looked like vinyl or rubber was ArmorAll-ed. Including the tread of the tires, the grips, and yes, the seat.
    That day,I found the sheer joy(?) of dirt riding with a slippery seat. (The dirt did scrub the ArmorAll off of the tires, at least.)
    The next day, I found that ArmorAll gave me a rash. Yup, right through my jeans. Made riding uncomfortable for a week.

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