Good news and bad news.

good news.
Alan at Redwood City Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki/KTM/blah/blah just called me — the problem was a bad voltage regulator. Since I did the regulator tests in my troubleshooting book, and it seemed to be OK, I’m going to have Alan and Phil explain the tests that they did.

Alan said that he relayed my eGuard warning to Phil, who actually worked on the SVS. According to Alan, Phil started giggling when he turned on the bike and heard the noise. But at least they didn’t cut my brake lines or Armor All my seat (that I know of). Alan did, however, tell me a funny story over the phone about how he used to Armor All his seat when he wanted to hang off while wearing jeans. Once he loaned the bike to a friend and didn’t warn him about the Armor All — apparently, the friend came back after having a bit of a heart attack from sliding all over the motorcycle. We got a big chuckle out of the story. Ahh, bike nerd humor.

bad news.
They have to order the new voltage regulator from Alpha-Centuri, and so it will be another full Earth-week before I can pick up my bike. Rarr! Naturally, the weather is sunny and gorgeous and a perfect temperature. *temper tantrum*

Maybe I’ll find the Bandit’s fork brace before the weekend, so I can at least ride that. I hate wasting the first perfect spring/summer gorgeous weekend of the year.

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