Deb and Ben

When we weren’t watching Yates beat on Fania, Peter and I had a pretty biketastic weekend. The highlight was yesterday’s visit by our friends Deb and Ben. Ben’s recently gotten back into riding with a gorgeous red R6, and for her upcoming birthday, Deb got a Yamaha Vino 125cc scooter.

Isn’t it adorable?

Deb and Ben pose:

Because Deb rules, she let me take it for a spin around the block. Totally fun. The tiny wheels made it crazy fun to lean over (and I mean “crazy fun” — it felt like it was about to slip out from under me at times), and I got some good air over a neighborhood speed bump. Wheeeeee!

Even Peter got a test ride down to Subway to grab lunch.

Hopefully, the SVS will be back soon, and I can go out riding with the fellow red bikes. Having new riding buddies is always A Good Thing, especially since Peter will still be off the Superhawk for a little while yet.

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