The SVS rolled over 30,000 miles on the way into work today. Woo! I would have hit this weeks ago if it weren’t for the stoopid voltage regulator.

I distinctly remember rolling over both 10k and 20k. The former was along a long stretch of road on the ST.N San Simeon trip, and the latter was along last June’s Long Ride to Lunch with the Wind Dancers. I feel badly that 30k is comparably unremarkable. 😉

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  1. Linda says:

    Very nice. 🙂
    I have been revamping my journal (no, not finished yet) and reading some of the older entries. Total mileage for 2002 was 27.5 or something like that. Last year was 1011. This year it’s already about 1200. But I know that in 2003 we put 2000 miles on the bike because we rolled over to 53,000 on Arnie when I went to scatter my friend’s ashes.
    I like it better on front. 😉

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